DOMINIQUE is a granddaughter of RUDY (super breeder for Gaby Vandenabeele and sire of SUPER ROMEO 1 Nat Ace KBDB pigeon 2013), NEW FREDDY (1 Nat Ace pigeon KBDB 2010) and AMALIA (1 Nat Ace pigeon KBDB 2011). She is a very good breeder.

Results of her grandfather NEW FREDDY (1st NAT ACE PIGEON KBDB 2010):
  • 1st Prov Argenton 1149mpm 1133 pigeons 
  • 1st Prov Bourges 1148mpm 1499 pigeons
  • 10th National Bourges 17138 pigeons
  • 3rd Prov Chateauroux 1217mpm 1962 pigeons
  • 9th S-National Chateauroux 9062 pigeons 
  • 1st Gien 500 pigeons
  • 6th Prov Gien 1194mpm 2245 pigeons 

Results of her grandmother AMALIA (1st NATIONAL ACE PIGEON KBDB 2011)

  • 1st Prov Vierzon 6659 pigeons (fastest 17721 pigeons)
  • 15th NATLa Souterraine 3562 pigeons
  • 27th NAT Argenton 19782 pigeons
  • 10th NAT Zone La Souterraine 7848 pigeons

AMALIA'S halfbrother NIKOLAAS was 1st NAT ACE PIGEON KBDB 2013!

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