KENNETH EDAS - 1,2,3,8,9,10,22,26,33, ETC FEDERATED BOARD FROM LEEU GAMKA 312KM 1769MPM 5347 PIGEONS. HIS WINNER ZA 22 FB 24606 IS A SON OF "JENNY" (1st FB 474km 6000+p & 1st Combine 9000+p and 14 days later 1st FB 544km 6006p & 2nd Combine 9494 pigeons).

Kenneth's winner ZA 22 FB 24606 is a son of a Stear Painter cock and "JENNY" ZA 19 MDU 2215, a granddaughter of KROMME. JENNY'S father is a son of KROMME and 43202 Daughter Golden Eye. JENNY was raced only 4 times.  
Her best results are:
  • 1st Federated Board 474km 6000 plus pigeons 1426 mpm & 1st Combine  9000 plus pigeons 1426mpm, and 14 days later
  • 1st Federated Board 544km 6006 pigeons 1132mpm & 2nd Combine 9494 pigeons 1134mpm .

Pictures of KROMME and JENNY.

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