NEW INTRODUCTION - ZA 20 VPU 4484, WINNER OF 1ST Gauteng Combine Cradock II 635km 1055mpm 6500 PIGEONS. HE IS A GRANDSON OF THE FAMOUS "810" AND "NEW MISS JOICE" (sister OF 8855 & MISS JOICE).

The "810" pigeons are wellknown in South Africa and they are dominating one loft races year after year. "810" bred super pigeons with many hens but the best are probably with the sisters BELG 07 4138855 and BELG 07 4115371 "NEW MISS JOICE"  (full sisters of MISS JOICE). Their parents are BELG 96 4391970 and BELG 06 4044540 of Marcel Aelbrecht. Marcel was 2nd National champion of Belgium in 2003, 1st National champion of Belgium in 2005 & 1st National champion of Belgium in 2006.
BELG 96 4391970 (father of "8855" and "NEW MISS JOICE") is also the father of THE PATRON1st National ace pigeon long distance in 2003. 
Picture of 4484. 

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