1 & 2 NATIONAL BOURGES 2018 against 20282 pigeons WITH BLIKSEM LINE


The first Belgium national race of the 2018 season took place on the 26th of May. The pigeons winning 1st and 2nd National in the old bird race are both descendants of Gaby Vandenabeele's BLIKSEM and WITTENBUIK.
  • 1 National Bourges 390km 1275mpm 20282 pigeons won by Family 3D with BELG 15/1011863. Fastest of whole release of 39411 pigeons.
The father of the winner is from the BLIKSEM and WITTENBUIK lines of Gaby Vandenabeele via Herbots Brothers. In the pedigree are super pigeons like GINA (1st ace pigeon KBDB - BLIKSEM line) and halfsister JAMES BOND (JAMES BOND - winner 1st National Bourges 13166 pigeons). The mother of JAMES BOND is a sister of WITTENBUIK.
  • 2 National Bourges 429km 1249mpm 20282 pigeons won by KURT & RAF PLATTEEUW with BELG 16/4249510. Also 3rd fastest of the whole release of 39411 pigeons.

Bloodline is 75% Gaby Vandenabeele. In the pedigree are BLIKSEM, brother of BARNABY (BARNABY won 2nd National Bourges 22499 pigeons), JAMES BOND (winner 1st National Bourges 13166 pigeons), MR MAGIC (grandson BLIKSEM), BECKHAM - father of GINA 1st ace pigeon KBDB and grandson of BLIKSEM.

Bertus had two sons of BLIKSEM and both were super breeders. What makes this line great is that they transfer their winning genes from generation to generation. 

Picture of Gaby Vandenabeele handling BARNABY after he won 2nd National Bourges in 2009.



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