ALLIE KOTZE - 1st UNION & COMBINE BEAUFORT WEST 326km 1955mpm 1316 pigeons with ZA 19/179844, son of "77" (son Bliksem 34 x 40147) and "29096" (daughter JONGE RUDY x MARIEKE JUNIOR). THREE WEEKS ago 179844 also won 1st UNION FROM BRITSTOWN 510km!

Bertus with JONGE RUDY
Allie with 179844
Date: 17 August 2019
Race point: Beaufort West
Distance: 326km
Allie won the club, union and Combine by 1 minute 12 seconds with ZA 19/179844. This young cock (Allie registered him as a hen and only recently realized he is a cock) was bred by Bertus and is a son of "77" (BLIKSEM 34 x 40147) and 29096 (JONGE RUDY x MARIEKE JUNIOR). This is her second Union win of the season. Three weeks ago she won 1st union Britstown 510km against 876 pigeons by 3 minutes 9 seconds. 
A full sister of 179844, ZA 18/156607, was 23rd in today's very tough Tromspburg race at Dinokeng Lofts.
Distance: 556km
Winning speed: 1150mpm
Another full sister ZA 18/156527 was 8th club 620km on the 10th of August and this past Saturday the 17th 3rd club from 670km for Hannes Smit of Oudtshoorn.  
Bertus with JONGE RUDY, Allie with 179844 and picture of "77". Click on pictures for full view.

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