ALLIE KOTZE (DE DOORNS) - 1st UNION BRITSTOWN YEARLINGS 510km 1642mpm 771 PIGEONS BY 6 minutes 7 seconds with granddaughter 00545 & NIKE (daughter KROMME x DOGTER GOLDEN EYE)

00545 and NIKE
Race: Britstown Open
Distance: 510km
Date: 27 July 2019
Release: 08:00
Winning velocity: 1628mpm
Allie won the union race by 6 minutes 7 seconds with NBU 18D/3772. She is a daughter of ZA 17/50077 (00545 x NIKE) and 5417 (SON KROMME and MARIEKE JUNIOR x GRONDELAER HEN).
Picture of Allie with 3772, 00545 and NIKE . Click on pictures for full view.

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