BLIKSEM 781, full brother of RUDY
BONTE BLIKSEM - NL 12/1130196
She is a daughter of Anton Ruitenberg's super breeding son of Bliksem, BLIKSEM 781. Bliksem 781 is a full brother of Gaby Vandenabeele's world famous RUDY.
BONTE BLIKSEM is the mother of two 2 equal 1st Fed winners and ZA14/00506, also an equal 1st Fed winner and best cock in the Kalahari Pigeon Federation 2015. She is also mother of ZA 16/15525 "MESKI", winner of 2nd Ventersburg 304km 1364mpm and 13th main race Gariepdam 632km 1231mpm at DINOKENG LOFTS 2017.
BONTE BLIKSEM is grandmother of:
ZA 14/00535 - 2 x equal 1st Fed (2nd ace pigeon club and 3rd ace pigeon Federation) and mother of ZA 15/22750 - 2nd club 8th WCPTA 6002 pigeons 9th COMBINE 405km 12049 pigeons
ZA 14/00536 - equal 1st Fed
ZA 15/00324 - 1st Fed 417km by 10 minutes and 8th WCPTA against 6542 pigeons
NBH P17/048 - 1st club 8th Western Cape Classic Hopetown 608km 13222 pigeons
BONTE BLIKSEM is aunt of:
  • 1st National Bourges 33229p 2013
  • 1st & 2nd Nat Chateauroux 27593p 2018
  • 1st Nanteuil 26234p 2018
  • 1st Nat ace YB Holland 2014
  • 1st & 2nd 11444p
  • 1st 19085p
  • 1st 10858
  • 1st 10606p
  • 1st 7376p
  • 1st 6400p
  • 1st 5122p
  • 1st 3236p
  • 1st 2645p
  • 1st 2559p
  • 1st 2189p
  • 1st 2164p
  • 1st 1917p
  • 1st 1266p
  • 1st 1247p
  • 1st 1061p
  • 1st 1007p
  • 1st 676p
  • 2nd 5205p
  • 3rd 1007p
  • 9th 5205p
All the birds responsible for the above mentioned results are grandchildren of BLIKSEM 781 (father of Bonte Bliksem).

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