DINOKENG INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT 2018 - 5,21,47,61,67,111,121 in BARZALONA RACE 780km (only 6 birds on the day)

Date: 16 September 2018
Race: Dinokeng BarZAlona race from RICHMOND
Distance: 780km
Weather: Southeast wind at liberation changing to Northwest and West on route. Wind speeds up to 35km/h and temperature 33 Degrees Celsius.
The first two birds arrived at the loft at 17:03:55. Jan Bester's ALRE was clocked first followed by SUPREME DELIGHT of Reynders & Umberti. COOL RUNNINGS of Bertus was clocked at 17:41:06 which was good enough for 5th place. It turned out to be a another tough race and only 6 birds made it on the day. 
Bertus's entries took 5,21,47,61,67,111 and 121.
COOL RUNNINGS (ZA 17/50446) won the following prizes in the 2018 season at DINOKENG LOFTS:
  • 5th BarZAlona Richmond 780km 1230mpm
  • 28th Trompsburg 556km 1163mpm
  • 34th Bloemfontein 447km 1410mpm
The father of COOL RUNNINGS is Marius Behrens's COOLS COCK (BELG 10/3020323). The mother is DICKY'S HEN (KROMME x DOGTER GOLDEN EYE).
COCO, Bertus's second bird, won 21st and is a daughter of BLIKSEM 16734 (BAKLEIGAT BLIKSEM x HERBOTS BLIKSEM HEN) x NIKE (KROMME x DOGTER GOLDEN EYE).
Photos of COOLS COCK and DICKY'S HEN, the parents of COOL RUNNINGS.

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