PIPA broke the news on the 6th of May 2018 - Gaby Vandenabeele has decided to sell all his pigeons at the end of 2018.

Breaking news: Total Auction Gaby Vandenabeele.
PIPA has the honour to announce and organise the total auction of living legend Gaby Vandenabeele. The auction will be an online auction at the end of 2018 on PIPA. Gaby is retiring due to health reasons (pigeon lung), and all his birds will be sold. Not a single bird will be kept.
The battlegrounds around Dentergem are getting cleaned up, and 2018 will go into history as the very last racing season for Gaby Vandenabeele. The national race from Angoulême in early August is scheduled to be the team's very last race. The pigeon loft will then close up shop for good.
The news of their retirement came unexpectingly, and fanciers could not believe their eyes. The reason is very straightforward though: good health is their number one priority.
7 x 1st National, 100 x 1st Provincial
An extensive number of Vandenabeele pigeons have been involved in national first prizes, national ace pigeon titles and numerous other top results across the globe. Every fancier is aware of the potential of this breed; the Vandenabeele birds are guaranteed to deliver anywhere in the world! They have done so for more than 40 years, and first of all in their home loft in Dentergem, where Gaby Vandenabeele has been running a top-tier team. You can tell from his impressive palmares, which includes 7 national wins and 100 provincial first prizes.
The dynasty of the illustrious stock breeder Kleinen, his son Wittenbuik and his grandson Bliksem have played a defining role in this team. The new world famous son of Bliksem Rudy has followed in the footsteps of his forefathers, along with his sons Super Romeo (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YLs KBDB 2013) and New Bliksem (winner of 1st Nat. Tulle 5,731 YLs in 2014).
Major successes in other lofts
And there is more. Like we said, the Vandenabeele pigeons have led to some fantastic results and even national victories in numerous other lofts as well. In fact, some renowned national and international champions shaped their entire pigeon breed around the Vandenabeele pigeons. Think of Rudi De Saer, Rik Cools, Geert Vanrenterghem & Annick Goeteyn, Jos Goessen, Luc De Laere, Gevaert-Lannoo, etc.
And let's not forget the other ace pigeons, provincial and national winners and renowned stock breeders based around the invaluable Vandenabeele bloodlines: the internationally famed Harry of Jan Hooymans, Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud, Yvan of Deno-Herbots, stock pigeons Lieske, Tsaby, Kim and Orlando of Geert Vanrenterghem & Annick Goeteyn, golden stock dam 't Goedje (dam of 1st nat. winners Antonio and New Tours, grandmother of Favoriet) and stock pair Perigueux x Corry of Rudi De Saer, Bliksem CEO and King Gaby of Gevaert-Lannoo, national stars Fyther and Gloria of Bert Van den Berghe, etc. Each of these birds has played a crucial role in their respective breeding loft, and their descendants have in turn come into prominence with remarkable results.
And to add to that, we have an almost countless number of national winners that were bred from Gaby Vandenabeele birds. Many fanciers had their moment of fame thanks to these Vandenabeele youngsters, which allowed them to become internationally renowned players.

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