A race that confirmed to Gavin that he made the right decision to breed a family around LINCOIN was from Greytown 504km. It was pigeon weather with a headwind all the way where the best pigeons race in front.

Gavin got three birds on the drop and all three were from his LINCOIN line. First over the clock was BORDER 15/83838 (daughter LINCOIN), then GPU 13/18533 (sister LINCOIN) and then BORDER 15/71925 (grandson LINCOIN). Speed 1201mpm. Result should have been 1,2,3 Combine and 1,2,3 Union, but Gavin realized a few minutes later that 83838 was never clocked. He caught her and clocked her three minutes after she should have been clocked – still good enough for 1,2 and 8 Union.

Another special result was that of LINCOIN’S son BORDER 15/71937. He was crowned 1st ace bird at the 2016 DIAZ ONE LOFT RACE.

A full sister of 83838 and 71937, BORDER 17/3241 “SHINING STAR” was Gavin’s best bird in 2018. She did not win a race but raced very consistent with the following best prizes:

  • 3rd club 7th Combine 8th BHU Uniondale 450km 985mpm
  • 5th club  6th Combine 8th BHU Graaff Reinet 320km 1301mpm
  • 5th club 7th Combine 7th BHU Laingsburg 655km 1248mpm
  • 6th club 8th Combine 8th BHU Touwsrivier 735km 1139mpm
  • 12th club 21st Combine 23rd BHU Marydale 680km 1780mpm
  • 20th club 27th Combine 27th BHU Greytown 503km 1438mpm 
  • 23rd club 34th Combine 34th BHU New Hanover 473km 1136mpm, etc

LINCOIN’S grandson BORDER 15/71925 was a super racer and won the following in 2016 (only raced as yearling, then transferred to the stock loft)

  • 2nd club 2nd Combine 2nd BHU Greytown 503km 1203mpm (equal 1st  – dropped with 83838 & 18533)
  • 2nd club 2nd Combine 14th BHU Kokstad 303km 1053mpm
  • 2nd club 10th Combine  10th BHU Laingsburg 655km 1075mpm 
  • 10th club 22nd Combine 25th BHU Touwsrivier 735km  1280mpm
  • 11th club 19th Combine 19th BHU Richmond 410km 1160mpm
  • 21st club 29th Combine 43rd BHU Vryheid 650km 1280mpm and two other positions

71925 has turned out to be a very good breeder. He is the father of BORDER 17/3230 (1st prize winner), 3231 (1st prize winner) and 3273 (2nd prize winner). 3231 won a very difficult EC & BHU Combine race from Touwsriver with a winning speed of 1050mpm. Distance 735km. In the BHU only 3 birds made it home on the day and 2 were Gavin’s – 3231 (granddaughter LINCOIN) and 3220 (daughter LINCOIN’S sister 18533).

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