Gavin bred BORDER 14/3821 from LINCOIN’S brother GPU 13/18534 and ZA 13/63223 (daughter of Bertus’s  BLIKSEM 73 and 43339). BLIKSEM 73 is the nestmate brother of SUPER BLIKSEM. 43339 won five races as a yearling and is a daughter of one of Bertus’s foundation pairs GOLDEN EYE x LICHTE KLEINEN.
Gavin raced 3821 a few times and her best positions were 5th club Kokstad 303km 1276mpm and 8th  club Greytown 504km 1084mpm.  He then moved her to the breeding loft. She immediately showed what she is capable of and bred the following top birds:
BORDER 15/3231 (son)
1st Combine and BHU Kokstad 303km 1080mpm
8th club, Combine and BHU Richmond 411km 1160mpm.
He was also transferred to the breeding loft and bred BORDER 16/1382, one of the best pigeons Gavin ever owned. More about her in PART 4.
BORDER 15/71931 (son)
He got injured during training but was later entered in a race and won 3 club, Combine and BHU Vryheid 738km 1302mpm. Gavin also moved him to the breeding loft where he bred:
BORDER 16/1383 – 2nd club and Combine Richmond 411km, 3rd club Richmond 411km, 3rd club Vryheid 738km 1139mpm, 5th club Kokstad 303km, 11th club Ixopo 375km.
BORDER 17/3221 – 1st club Kokstad 303km 1344mpm and 3rd club Ixopo 1124mpm.
BORDER 17/3215 HEN (daughter)
1st ECBU Combine (ECPU & BHU) Marydale 680km 1859mpm
2nd club, 3rd Combine and BHU Touwsrivier 735km 1151mpm
BORDER 17/3260 (son)
1st club Ixopo 375km 1138mpm. He got badly injured later in the season and Gavin had to put him down.




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