Gerhard Steenkamp (Wellington) – 1st Union B/West 365km 1330mpm 626 pigeons with 18/059 & 1st Union L/Gamka 295km 1430mpm 599 pigeons with nestmate 18/058. Father ZA 16/15577 is a son of 43178 (GOLDEN EYE x HALF PINT) & ZUS GOLDEN EYE

Gerhard with 059
Wing of 059
Gerhard bought ZA 16/15577 in March 2018 from Bertus. He is a full brother of Retief Joubert’s super breeder GPU 13/17518, father of:
  • BDU 13D/1280 - winner of 3 x 1st WCPTA Combines against 5494 pigeons, 5292 pigeons and 6890 pigeons)
  • BDU D16/044 - 1st WCPTA Combine 4243 pigeons
  • BDU D15/244 - 1st WCPTA Combine 4264 pigeons

GPU 13/17518 and ZA 16/15577 were bred by Bertus and are sons of ZA 11/43178 (GOLDEN EYE and HALF PINT) and GB 06/13163 (full sister of GOLDEN EYE). 

Gerhard bred two youngsters out of ZA 16/15577 in 2018, WELL 18/058 & 059. The mother is also a Gaby Vandenabeele hen and her number is OP 15/04291. Her father is ZA 12/40253 and he was bred by Bertus out of BONTE CONDOR (son 45891 - which makes him a halfbrother of KROMME) and 45553 (Wittenbuik 306 x Half Pint). 058 and 059 both won Union races for Gerhard.

WELL 18/058

  • 1st Union Leeu Gamka 295km 1430mpm  599 pigeons

WELL 18/059 - Best short distance bird in the UNION as well as the BOLAND WEDVLUGDUIWE VERVOER (biggest pigeon transport organisation in South Africa)

  • 1st Union Beaufort West 365km 1330mpm 626 pigeons
  • 1st club 4th Union Leeu Gamka 294km 1391mpm 575 pigeons
  • 3rd club 19 Union Leeu Gamka 294km 1291mpm 579 pigeons
  • 4th club 4th Union Leeu Gamka 294km 1391mpm 561 pigeons

Gerhard with "059" in front of his loft and picture of 059. Please click for full view.


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