Golden Eye
GB 06/13364 - "GOLDEN EYE”
I bought 14 pigeons from Mark Evans (M&D Evans – Myrtle Lofts) at the end of 2006 and they arrived in two shipments in South Africa in 2007. GOLDEN EYE was one of the 8 pigeons that were in the second shipment. When I finally got them after the 30 days quarantine period they all looked well, except for one young cock GB 06/13364 - a son of GOLDEN GABY and LADY MORISKA. As fate would have it, this was the pigeon that I thought would be one of the best purely judged on pedigree and the fact that his father GOLDEN GABY won 1st National 606km against 12875 pigeons by 20mpm. His uncle ORLEANS WINNAAR (his mother's brother) was also a big winner and won 1st Orleans against 11435 pigeons.
Despite his good breeding I decided that I don't want a sick pigeon in my breeding loft. I was on my way to the dust bin to send him to heaven when a voice said "you have paid a lot of money for him - take him to the vet!" To make a long story short, after a visit to Dr. Gavin Rous and lab results from Onderstepoort a week later we could determine exactly what was wrong and what medication I had to administer. After 3 days on medication GB 06/13364 (I later called him GOLDEN EYE) started to look much better and after another two days the problem was solved. Little did I know at the time what an impact he would have in my loft and in the lofts of others. He bred some exceptional pigeons and the best were with MOOIE BLIKSEM (inbred granddaughter of BLIKSEM), LICHTE KLEINEN and HALF PINT. His children not only raced well but many of them also turned out to be excellent breeders.
GOLDEN EYE is one of my foundation cocks and his descendants are responsible for super results in big competition.
GOLDEN EYE’s father is NL 01/1295333 “GOLDEN GABY”. His racing record:
  • 1 National Orleans 606km 12875p by 20mpm!!!
  • 2 Arras 340km 6124p
  • 3 Nijvel 280km 3553p
  • 6 Arras 340km 14675p
  • 14 Peronne 2975p
  • 16 Reims 415km 2316p
  • 20 Nijvel 280km 16652p
  • 35 St Quentin 340km 2013p
  • 40 Epernay 435km 6558p
  • 41 Boxtel 180km 16618p
Racing results of GOLDEN EYE descendants:
ZA 09/45793 (1st ace young bird 2009) - 1,1,2(*1),2,2,3,9,11,23,24,26, etc ... in 13 young bird races against an average of 150 birds per race. She is grandmother of ASDUIFIE (ZA 11/43039).
ZA 11/43039 "ASDUIFIE" (1st ace young bird 2011, 1st ace pigeon 2011) - 1,1,3 (*1),3(*1),3,4,4,8,8,10,11,13(*10) positions in 12 consecutive young bird races. 
ZA 09/45875 - sire 1st ace yearling Colesberg Specialist Club
ZA 09/45876 - 2 x 1st prize winner and 1st ace old bird Colesberg Specialist Club. 
ZA 10/43339 - 5 x 1st prize winner out of 7 races as yearling. 4 times 1st Federation winner.
GPU 15/11261 - 1 GAUTENG PROV COMBINE 499km 8695p
GPU 15/11251 - 1 GAUTENG PROV COMBINE 522km 9064p
BDU 13D/2578 "POCKET POWER" - 1 WCPTA 370km 6208p, 1st Combine 590km 5252p
ZA 16/15509 - 1st EPPU 383km 1171mpm 1314p
BDU D14/1280 - 1 WCPTA 459km 5494p, 1 WCPTA 530km 5292p, 1 WCPTA 290km 6890p, 1st club 14 WCPTA 290km 6618p, 2nd club 47th WCPTA 456km 5173p
BDU 14D/1234 - 1 club 7 WCPTA 456km 5185p
BDU D16/044 - 1 WCPTA 455km 4243p
BDU 15D/2449 – 1 WCPTA 456km 4264p, 2 club 5 WCPTA 361km 5494p
BDU 14D/1235 - 2 WCPTA 530km 5252 pigeons, 2 WCPTA 456km 4264 pigeons, 5 WCPTA 362km 6543 pigeons, 17 WCPTA 459km 5494 pigeons, 46th WCPTA 178km 5052p, 59th
WCPTA 178km 5447p, 89th WCPTA 361km 6208p, etc.
NK DP 15/6506  - 1 NFS Combine Colesberg 353km 1174mpm, 1 NFS Combine Queenstown 442km 1144mpm, 1 NFS Combine Willowmore 674km 1175mpm, 1 club 4 NFS Combine Aberdeen 570km 1294mpm, 3 club 17 NFS Combine Janssenville 594km 1171mpm. All won as yearling.  
ZA 13/16722 - 1st Car Race Nat Loft South
ZA 18/108266 "KOLBE"- raced for 7 consecutive weeks winning 4,1,3(*1),2,1,1 and 8!!!!
I sold GOLDEN EYE to Derick Streak of Diamond Pigeon Stud in 2011. Derick also has a lot of success with his descendants and all 5 pigeons that won 1,3,7,10 and 13th in the main race of Central Provincial Lofts are GOLDEN EYE descendants.
A once in a lifetime cock!!!
Pictures of GOLDEN EYE and his father GOLDEN GABY.

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