LEON Payne – 1,2,3,4,6,18, etc in very tough Leeu Gamka 701km 924mpm. His winner WPU D18/1161 is a granddaughter of 00437 (Wittenbuik 790 x Little Blue) and 29096 (JONGE RUDY x MARIEKE JUNIOR).

Date: 21 September 2019
Race: Leeu Gamka I
Release time: 06:40
Distance: 701km
Weather:  Hot and very strong northwestern wind (side wind for pigeons)
Winning speed: 924mpm
As expected the race proved to be a tough affair with no birds clocked on the day. Leon’s first bird WPU D18/1161 was clocked on Sunday morning at 06:28. She won the club and a few weeks ago she was 2nd club and 2nd Section in the Derby race from Victoria West 515km 1092mpm,
Leon had an excellent race and took 1,2,3,4,6,18, etc club. In the union he was 3,14,16,18, etc. Five of Leon’s first six pigeons are from the Vandenabeele lines of Bertus.
The breeding of his first 6 pigeons:
  1. WPU D18/1161 – German cock of Jan Fouche (Odendaalsrus) x ZA 17/50488 (Combine winner and daughter of 00437 x 29096). 00437 is a super son of WITTENBUIK 790 x LITTLE BLUE and 29096 is a daughter of JONGE RUDY x MARIEKE JUNIOR.
  2. ZA 18/108187 – SONNY BILL (super son Golden Eye) x Bliksem 00369 (Bakleigat Bliksem x Bonte Bliksem)
  3. ZA 18/49836 – 4064 (Hebberecht/Tom Lock) x GOLDIE II (Corn Flakes x Golden Girl)
  4. PWF 17/11069 – Willem Burger
  5. ZA 17/49849 – 00437 (Wittenbuik 790 x Little Blue) x LITTLE NANCY (Spikkels x Nancy Bliksem)
  6. ZA 17/49832 – MAX (brother Molleke) x 00423 (Goue Kleinen x 1994)
The second race from Leeu Gamka was also a very tough race.
Date: 21 September 2019
Race: Leeu Gamka II
Release time: 07:00
Distance: 701km
Weather:  Hot and very strong northwestern wind
Winning speed: 870mpm
Leon clocked his first three pigeons in 5 minutes! A brilliant feat if one takes the conditions into consideration. In the club he took 2,3,4,10 and 14.
Their breeding:
  1. ZA 18/108264 – Janssen x Sablon of the late Kat Snyman 
  2. ZA 18/108231 – 4064 (Hebberecht/Tom Lock) x 6524 (Bakleigat Bliksem x Silver Caprice)
  3. ZA 18/108020 – CARTER (Jonge Condor) x 00535 (Son Wittenbuik 790/Little Blue x Bliksem 00369)
  4. ZA 17/108169 – BLIKSEM 34 (Bakleigat Bliksem x Dogter Blauwe Bliksem) x R80 000 Tom Lock hen
  5. ZA 18/108258 – DAVE (Wittenbuik 790 x Little Blue ) x 3500 (Scar x Zus Golden Eye)
Pictures of Bertus with JONGE RUDY, MARIEKE JUNIOR and Leon with 1161.

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