Leon Payne – 1st club 3rd NWPV Combine Three Sisters 562km 1197mpm 881 pigeons with WPU D18/1239 (grandchild JONGE RUDY x MARIEKE JUNIOR)

Jonge Rudy
Race: 24 August 2019
Release: 07:40
Conditions: hot with headwind
Number of pigeons: 881
The father of WPU D18/1239 is ZA 17/50427. He was bred by Bertus and is a son of 00437 (WITTENBUIK 790) x LITTLE BLUE. 50427 was an excellent racer and last year he won 2nd NWPV Combine 510km against 1305 pigeons. The mother is a Tom Lock hen of Willem Burger.
Leon is having an excellent season and his current positions in the championship points are:
  • Club championship – 1st
  • Section championship – 1st
  • Union open championship – 1st
  • Union yearling championship – 2nd (completed)
  • Union overall championship – 2nd
  • Combine championship – 3rd
Pictures of JONGE RUDY, MARIEKE JUNIOR and 00437.

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