LEON PAYNE - 1,2,3,4,8,11,12,21,22,etc club & 4,5,6,17 JAMESTOWN YEARLING RACE NWPF COMBINE 377km 1238mpm 1054 pigeons. Winner ZA 18/108268 is a son of BLIKSEM 58.

LEON with 108268

Leon's winner (by more than a minute) ZA18/108268 was bred by Bertus and is a son of BLIKSEM 58 (BAKLEIGAT BLIKSEM x 700) x SHIBA (GOLDEN EYE x MOOIE BLIKSEM).

108268 is in excellent form the last few weeks. Saturday two weeks ago he was Leon's first bird taking 4th club from Belmont 270km. Last Saturday he won the club by 2 minutes from Smithfield 271km 1307mpm and this past Saturday 1st club again (4th NWPF Combine 1054 pigeons) by 67 seconds.

Pictures of Leon with 108268 and BLIKSEM 58 (father of 108268).

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