LEON PAYNE - 1,2,4,5,9,10,12,16,17, etc JAMESTOWN OPEN RACE 377km 1192mpm. 6 of his first 8 pigeons are Vandenabeeles bred by Bertus.

The following of Leon's pigeons were bred by Bertus:
  • 2nd with ZA 17/50488 - daughter of 00437 (Wittenbuik 790 x Little Blue) x 29096 (Jonge Rudy x Marieke Junior). A few weeks ago 50488 won the union race from Reddersburg.
  • 4th with ZA 18/108245 - WITTENBUIK 790 x FAVORITE RUDY (Jonge Rudy x Bonte Bliksem).
  • 5th with ZA 17/49806 - BONTE RUDY (Jonge Rudy x Bonte Bliksem) x 29296 (Kromme x Dogter Golden Eye).
  • 9th with ZA 18/108341 - BLIKSEM 34 (Bakleigat Bliksem x Dogter Blauwe Bliksem) x granddaughter R80 000 Tom Lock cock.
  • 12th with ZA 17/49849 - 00437 (Wittenbuik 790 x Little Blue) x LITTLE NANCY (Spikkels x Bliksem Nancy) 

Interesting to see that the first three pigeons on the list are all descendants of JONGE RUDY. His children are making their mark in the breeding loft of Bertus and also for Henk vd Watt (Marquard) and Allie Kotze (De Doorns).

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