POGGENPOEL & SONS - THREE 1sts & 2nd in 4 different ONE LOFT RACES on the same day!!!!

Foundation pair the late Hannes van der Merwe

CC Poggenpoel and his sons Melvin and Jaquesco are household names in South Africa when it comes to one loft racing. They have won 9 one loft main races to date.

On Friday the 26th of July their birds won the following in 4 different One Loft competitions:

  • 1st Carnival International Challenge Hotspot 4 with PSWU 18/176 "THRILLER 3"
  • 1st Winners Flight Hotspot 4 with PSWU 18/4638 "GMAN 2". The nestmate PSWU 18/ 4637 "GMAN" was 12th in the same race.
  • 1st Race II EC National Loft with NOK 18/2023 "KEEP ON WINNING". In the previous races NOK 18/3376 "KAROO KOOS" won 2 x 1sts. 
  • 2nd Hotspot 4 Cradock Community OLR with NOK 18/2170 "POG SPRINTER".

CC Poggenpoel & Sons is without a doubt one of the best one loft competitors in South Africa. Their secret; they buy top performers in One Loft races, cross them with the their own pigeons and enter youngsters from these matings in one loft races. 

Congratulations on an excellent achievement.

Picture of the late Hannes van der Merwe's foundation pair with whose descendants the Poggenpoels have a lot of success.


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