PRETORIUS AND KNOOP - 2nd club 15th WCPTA COMBINE HANOVER 624km 4220 pigeons with ZA 18/108207, son of "66" and YANNI.

ZA 18/108207 was bred by Bertus and is a son of "66" (Jonge Rudy x Nike) and Yanni (Goue Kleinen x 29235 daughter Kromme). NIKE is also a daughter of KROMME x DOGTER GOLDEN EYE. Earlier this season 108207 was 5th club 39th WCPTA from Leeu Gamka 332km 1307mpm against 4421 pigeons.
"66" is one of Bertus's favourite cocks. He is also the father other good racers like ZA 17/50291, winner of 1st PSDU UNION BEAUFORT WEST 368KM (5 minutes lead) 6th WCPTA 5670 pigeons.
Picture of "66".

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