"PRINCESS ROMEO" BELG 16/4151155 - new breeding hen and granddaughter of "Super Romeo" (1st Nat Ace Pigeon KBDB), "Gloria" (2nd Nat Ace KBDB), "Harry" (1st Nat Ace WHZB) and "Prinses Gloria" (1st National Gueret 17430 pigeons)

BELG 16/4151155
Bert Vanden Berghe with PRINSES GLORIA
DE KLAREN (father of 4151155)
BELG 16/4151155 is the latest hen Bertus has introduced to strengthen his breeding loft. She has an impressive pedigree with the following grandparents:
SUPER ROMEO (BELG 12/3088052) - 1st National ace pigeon long distance KBDB
1 Prov Tours 1345p
3 Fontenay 306p
3 Fontenay 178p
3 Clermont 131p
4 Nat Zone Tulle 2209p
18 Nat Brive 6842p
GLORIA (BELG 11/4291462) - 2nd National ace pigeon long distance KBDB
1st Nat Zone Limoges 5742p
4th National Limoges 14271p
10th Nat Zone Cahors 2801p
39th International Bordeaux 10620p
53rd Nat Chateauroux 15902p
72nd Nat Souillac 5282p
159th Nat Cahors 8570p
174th International Narbonne 16098p
HARRY (NL 07/2007621) - 1st ace pigeon long distance WHZB
1 Blois 37728p
1 Chateauroux 22340p
3 Chateaudun 21520p
6 Morlins 4418p
15 Strombeek 4358p
21 Chateauroux 5496p
22 Epenhy 3709p
30 Nanteul 3249p
1 National Gueret YL 9754p (fastest 17430p)
With grandparents like these chances are very good that 4151155 will make her mark in the breeding loft.
Pictures of 4151155, Bert Vanden Berghe with her mother PRINSES GLORIA and lastly her father DE KLAREN.
To view her pedigree click on the link below.
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