RETIEF JOUBERT - 1st club 3rd WCPTA COMBINE HANOVER 581km 1536mpm against 4220 PIGEONS with a son of 1280 (winner of 3 x 1st WCPTA COMBINES)

044 - full sister 1280 and also a WCPTA COMBINE winner

Retief's winner BDU D17/0348 is a son of a Kannibaal Cock (Andre Mills) and 1280 (GPU 13/17518 x ANZIYAN).

The parents of 1280, GPU 13/17518 and ANZIYAN, is without a doubt one of the best breeding pairs in South Africa.

GPU 13/17518 was bred by Bertus and is a son of ZA 11/43178 (son of super breeders GOLDEN EYE and HALF PINT) and GB 06/13163 (full sister of GOLDEN EYE). Retief bought ANZIYAN (Gaby Vandenabeele bloodline) on a SCMDPR auction. 

Three of their children have won 5 WCPTA races to date against an average of 5236 pigeons per race and other brothers and sister are first prize winners at club level. A summary of the results of the three WCPTA winners:

BDU 15D/2449
  • 1st club, 1st Union and 1st WCPTA Victoria West 456km 1277mpm 4264 pigeons
  • 2nd club 5 WCPTA Beaufort West 361km 1495mpm 5494 pigeons
  • 1st club 35th WCPTA Hanover 3-B 823 pigeons 1680mpm
BDU D16/044
  • 1st club, 1st Union and 1st WCPTA Victoria West 455km 1349mpm 4243 pigeons
BDU D14/1280 (winner of 4 x 1st club, 3 x 1st union and 3 x 1st WCPTA)
  • 1 WCPTA Victoria West 459km 1252mpm 5494 pigeons
  • 1 WCPTA Britstown 530km 1447mpm 5292 pigeons
  • 1 WCPTA Leeu Gamka 290km 1692mpm 6890 pigeons
  • 1st club 14 WCPTA Leeu Gamka 290km 1391mpm 6618 pigeons
  • 2nd club 47th WCPTA Victoria West 456km 1299mpm 5173 pigeons
Picture of Retief and BDU 14D/1280 - 3 x WCPTA winner!!!


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