SONNY BILL - NK 14/5067
SONNY BILL clicks with BLOUE MARIEKE, daughter of SON BLIKSEM and MARIEKE JUNIOR. They are parents of:
NRHP 15/00314 – 4 x 1st club
NRHP 15/00315 – 2 x 1st club
ZA 15/22703 - 1st club
ZA 16/15557 - 2nd club, 11th NRHU 2020p and 22nd WCPTA 404km 1444mpm 4878p & 2nd club, 4th NRHU 1791p and 13th WCPTA Hanover 623km 1386mpm 4727 pigeons.   
ZA 16/15509  - 1st club, 1st Federation 792p, 1st EPPU union (152 members) Mthatha II 383km 1171mpm 1314p & a week later 1st club, 17th PE Federation 810p and 24th EPPU Kokstad 511km 1085mpm 1272 pigeons.
ZA 17/49854 "HIGH VOLTAGE" - 12th ace pigeon DINOKENG LOFTS '18: 4th Kroonstad 252km 1353mpm, 6th Koppies 200km 1663mpm, 23rd Main Race Gariepdam 624km 884mpm. 73rd Bloemfontein II 447km 1381mpm, 112th Trompsburg 556km 1123mpm, etc. 

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