Rudi de Saer's super breeding hen T'GOEDJE (BELG 05/3177035) is without a doubt one of the world's best breeders. Her father is BELG 93/3050291, a son of KLEINEN who is also the father of WITTENBUIK. Her mother is a daughter of TURBO, son of KLEINEN and halfbrother of WITTENBUIK. 

T'GOEDJE is the mother and grandmother of many super racers. Her most famous sons are the two National winners, NEW TOURS (BELG 10/3020802) and his full brother ANTONIO (BELG10/3020860). Their father is ZOON GROTEN (BELG 02/3185762), who was 2nd Ace Pigeon Long Distance in 2006. His mother is a granddaughter of WITTENBUIK.

T'GOEDJE is also the grandmother of FAVORIET (BELG 11/3123742), an excellent racer and winner of 1st National Limoges 636km. A summary of their race results:

NEW TOURS (BELG 10/3020802):

  • 1 National Cahors 741km 7136 pigeons 1026mpm
  • 6 National Limoges 636km 14679 pigeons
  • 10 National Souillac 699km 5282 pigeons
  • 18 National Limoges 636km 13781 pigeons
  • 81 National Brive 714km 11130 pigeons
  • 87 National Argenton 506km 19782 pigeons
ANTONIO (BELG 10/3020860):
  • 1 National Souillac 699km 7756 pigeons (by 5 minutes)

FAVORIET (BELG 11/3123742) - bred from CHAMPION (son of T'Goedje) and a granddaughter of BLIKSEM:

  • 1 National Limoges 636km 8301 pigeons
  • 2 National Limoges 636km 18390 pigeons
  • 17 National Limoges 636km 7221 pigeons
  • 40 National Chateauroux 486km 15902 pigeons
  • 41 National Souillac 699km 5282 pigeons
  • 69 National Tulle 624km 7350 pigeons

Photo of FAVORIET. Click on photo for full view.


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