This father and son partnership of Hendrik Snr and Hendrik Jnr has been the fanciers to beat in the strong Pretoria Racing Pigeon Combine (Pretoria Wedvlugduiwe Combine - PWDC) over the last few years. Their results in the Combine championship competition:
2015 – 2nd
2016 – 1st
2017 – 1st
2018 – 2nd
Their family of pigeons consists mainly of Putterie/John Lambrechts lines and their foundation breeder is SA 00/35591 “OUMAN”. He bred more than 20 winners and most stock birds are his children. Their breeding strategy is very simple; build a family of pigeons around Combine winners and when introducing new pigeons make sure they also came from a family of Combine winners.
ZA 13/04719 was bred and raced by Anton Jonck, a friend of the Huysers. Her father is “44” (ZA D10/0044), a son of OUMAN. The mother of 04719 is ZA 11/18237, a daughter of BELG 05/3224577 “BAKLEIGAT BLIKSEM” (one of Bertus’s foundation cocks) and NL 05/1499445 (Janssen hen imported from Piet Valk).
ZA 11/18237 - best results:
1 club 3 union 3 PWDC Trompsburg 534km 2244p 1268mpm
1 club 13 union 20 PWDC Noupoort 687km 1266p 1660mpm
5 club 52 union 86 PWDC Bloemfontein 2163p 1045mpm
10 club 32 union 41 PWDC Ricgmond 758km 1877p 1535mpm
ZA 13/04719 - best results:
1 club 1 union 1 PWDC Aliwal North 573km 2049p 1203mpm (4 min 12 second lead)
1 club 3 union 4 PWDC Noupoort 684km 1934p 984mpm
1 club 14 union 29 PWDC Dewetsdorp 453km 2184p 1443mpm
3 club 7 union 7 PWDC Dewetsdorp 452km 2213p 1278mpm
3 club 7 union 7 PWDC Bloemfontein 435km 2089p 1201mpm
5 club 12 union 17 PWDC Queenstown 698km 1726p 1331mpm
6 club 23 union 31 PWDC Trompsburg 536km 2122p 1432mpm
7 club 18 union 36 PWDC Smithfield 523km 2101p 1104mpm
After these top results the Huysers bought “44”, 18237 and 04719 from Anton and it turned out be a very good decision.  
They mated 04719 with PWF D05/1385 “FLY MACHINE” (which was their number one cock at that stage). FLY MACHINE is a son of OUMAN and won 4 x 1st club and 2 x 1st Pretoria Combine. He was also the best bird in the Combine. A son of FLY MACHINE and 04719,”MR GOLD” ZA 15/03987, raced like a champion and became 1st ace pigeon PWDC and 1st National ace pigeon in 2017. 
ZA 15/03987 “MR GOLD” – 1st ace pigeon PWDC & 1st National ace pigeon allround 2017
His best results:
1 club 1 union 1 PWDC Cradock 765km 1390p 1347mpm
1 club 1 union 1 PWDC Winburg 341km 2278p 1321mpm
1 club 1 union 2 PWDC Noupoort 692km 2097p 1199mpm
2 club 3 union 6 PWDC Cradock 765km 1658p 1153mpm
4 club 7 union 8 PWDC Reddersburg 489km 2182p 1257mpm
5 club 6 union 9 PWDC Dewetsdorp 460km 2223p 1259mpm
5 club 12 union 16 PWDC Bloemfontein 443km 2175p 1340mpm
7 club 14 union 16 PWDC Bloemfontein 443km 2201p 1406mpm
8 club 28 union 49 PWDC Winburg 341km 2181p 1245mpm
11 club 26 union 38 PWDC Dewetsdorp 460km 2017p 1462mpm
11 club 30 union 46 PWDC Smithfield 531km 1981p 1469mpm
31 union 45 PWDC Richmond 766km 1490p 1630mpm
120 PWDC Richmond 766km 1763p
A full brother of MR GOLD, ZA 15/03988, is sire of ZA 16/12073, winner of:
  • 1 club 1 PWDC Richmond 758km 1403mpm 1333p
In 2017 they mated 04719 with “MR BODY” PWF 12/6720, a linebred Kannibaal cock. They became the parents of ZA 17/36138 “MR MEDALS”. Like his halfbrother MR GOLD, he also became 1st ace Pigeon PWDC and 1st National ace pigeon.
ZA 17/36138 “MR MEDALS” – 1st ace pigeon PWDC  & 1st National ace pigeon allround 2018
His best results:
1 club 1 Combine Bloemfontein 443km 1497mpm 2032p
1 club 1 Combine Colesberg 643km 1618mpm 1408p
2 club 7 Combine Springfontein 571km 1364mpm 1907p
2 club 8 Combine De Wetsdorp 460km 1323mpm 2039p
2 club 12 Combine Smithfield 537km 1403mpm 1910p
4 club 16 Combine Dewetsdorp 446km 1378mpm 2001p
8 club 33 Combine Aliwal North 580km 1391mpm 1703p
6 club 34 Combine Trompsburg 544km 1344mpm 1931p
It is clear that the Huysers know what they are doing. Breeding two 1st National ace pigeons and winning the title in two consecutive years with two halfbrothers is something special. 
Pictures of 04719 and her mother 18237. Click on pictures for full view.

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