ZA MASK D16/0894 - 2 x winner for CHRIS BAARD of LUTZVILLE


Chris Baard and his father Ernst are racing as Baard Hokke in the Maskam Pigeon Federation. In 2016 Chris bought a son of BLIKSEM'S CARELLY and THALIA from Bertus. His ringnumber ZA 15/22697.
ZA MASK D16/0894, a daughter of 22697, has done very well for Chris and his father winning two races to date. 
  • 1 club 369km 1614mpm
  • 1 club 11 Fed 595km 1766mpm
  • 5 club 5 Fed 450km 1514mpm
  • 6 club 6 Fed 450km 1425mpm

Chris and his father with MASK D16/0894 and ZA 15/22697.



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